Where you been? We have been resting, it is time to make our move, like the bull. Catch the share. Bountiful.

We are supercharged, ready to hypnotize, entertain before your eyes. Catch as best can, beware the mean man.

Pursue you dreams, Make it happen for yourself. Beg Regeneration, regain control; make me whole.

Beg Regeneration

Make move, like the bull 
Catch the share, bountiful 
Play clean, never mean 
 build grace for the scene 

Can I, hypnotize
Entertain, Before your eyes 
Catch as, best can
Beware, the mean man 

Replace what is lost, injure, subdue 
Make my, cup full
All-seeing, masterful 

Try falling
All catch me
Who wants More now 
Beg Regeneration 
  Regain control 
Beg Regeneration 
   Make me whole 

The Players

Tonar – Bass, Vocal

Truk – Guitar, Vocal

AJ – Drums

Recording specifications:

3 GoPro Camera shot, edited in iMovie

Audio capture to Fostex DAT

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