We celebrate milestones in our life. Who knows why? Who knows why how? Some buy fancy things to feel fancy and others do something extreme to feel alive.  But if you are already fancy and alive you may choose to create magical representations of expression.  This number captures one of those moments.  Now for the first time on any website, with the addition of a simple adjective, we can relive it all over again and it is mathematically accurate.

Four Dozen

all is well
    plain to see
       working out 
          next to me

can’t get out 
    plain to see
       close your eyes 
          let it be

    start to see
       to work it out 
          up to me

forget tonight - just for the night
-- Ripping, progressive lead SOLO (think Beat it! EVH and MJ)

pray (for us) now cause it's worked (for us) up til now
pray (for us) now cause it's worked (for us) up til now 
exists in my mind, in my time
don’t tell me - otherwise
seen it - in my life
been alive for four dozen now

we all live in - own reality 
we all live in - own reality

one dozen - two dozen - three dozen - Four dozen now!

From the MeanMan of York album ‘Hey Ewe!

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