Can’t breathe, eat, drink, listen, read or think without risking your ability to perceive reality. Be careful out there and beware the Mind Bender.


Mind Bender

All right, Whoa yeah

What have you done
Forsaken everyone
Before you search the need, not bad 
Tied to the dreams you once had

Now look what you have done
You act for the best of one
And now you fight for the green, so sad
thrill chameleon and his

Mind Bender
Taste pretender
Want to thank, lend a hand, to me

Mind bender
Taste pretender whoa!
Want to thank
Extend a hand
To me yeah, yeah, yeah oh no

Give it up, now you know
I know, you know
What you did
Ask me had you seen it
And I'll tell it to my great grand kids 
We've got the room full of riddles We've got the paperwork
Can't get away from this one now Everyone knows you’re adjourned

Get it up, give it up
Tell a lie, from the start
Really hate now
No more he said, she said
Never right, never right now 
Everybody gonna walk out anyway 
Everybody want a bite right now 
Now the man has a price on your head 
Let’s see how you pay now

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