Come on out to enjoy the energy of the High Point Ramblers (HPR) at Fall Fest 10 and dance the day away. HPR is celebrating their 10th performance at the event.

The High Point Ramblers have long history of making their own brand of homegrown rural music from the hills of Felton. Upbeat and uplifting, the Fall Fest at Naylor Winery in Stewartstown, PA is a staple on HPR’s performance schedule. The band consistently acquires the musicians needed to fill the groove for the time and this year is no exception. No distance or loss will prevent the spirit of this band from making music.

Here’s a little dose of ‘Poison’ for your ears.

Exclusive preview of the HPR setlist for Fall Fest 10

HPR Setlist for Fall Fest 2018 from the practice space

Preview of HPR Setlist for Fall Fest 2018


World Keeps Turning

Don’t Say Goodbye

One Guitar


Get Goin’


Somebody Else



Best of Me



So get on down here as get you some of what you’ve been missing.

My Rural Radio Fall Fest 10 September 29, 2018 at Naylor Winery, Stewartstown, PA

My Rural Radio Fall Fest 10 September 29, 2018 at Naylor Winery

Performance Schedule:
(may be subject to change)

11:30am Gate Open
12 Noon – Magic of Liam Laugherty (part 1)
12:35 Band Stage Opening Cermony
12:45am – Jessica Smucker
1:30 – Magic of Liam Laugherty (part 2)
1:45 – Lucille and the Wolf
2:30 – Magic of Liam & Glenn (part 3)
2:45 – Buzzard Luck
3:30 – Magic of Glenn Edwards (finale)
3:55 – Son of Jane
4:40 – Garrett Thomas (stage 2)
4:55 – Johnny Mainstream
5:40 – Dylan Jane (stage 2)
6:10 – High Point Ramblers
6:50 – Raffles
7:05 Steven Courtney Band
8:05 – Barn Cat
8:50 – Final Announcements
9:05 Matt Wheeler


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