Do you? Larkspur, California?

Well, the trees are screaming too. Stand in the way of progress and I will haunt you.

Indian our heritage with a natural affect on man. We take the money and we dig this valuable, protected land. This project does not contain archeological dig.

600 sets of human bones, instruments, tools and weapons. The souls are screaming through. All in the name of progress, they won’t haunt you. Sick bastards, may you drown in your fine wine.

giggle it.

Track four on Hey Ewe! album by MeanMan of York

Larkspur, California

Poltergeist comes to life 
 You don’t believe that stuff do you 
 The trees are screaming too 
 Stand in the way of progress and I will haunt you

600 sets of human bones
 instruments, tools, and weapons, 
 the souls are screaming through
 all in the name of progress and they won’t haunt you

Indian our heritage 
 natural affect on man 
 take the money and we dig valuable protected land
 this project does not contain archaeological dig

Larkspur paid fur 
 just of the land - with the money - dead they suffer
 Sick bastards 
 May you drown in your fine wine



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