Give it a rest already. It is getting stale and it is not anyone’s fault. Too bad, it’s where we are, time to move on. It’s nature. Wait, wait, I said getting stale, not dead. 

Music is expression. Expression matures.

Our ability to express, changes with age. Some for the better, but unfortunately some for the worse. Do you realize how difficult it is to navigate the changes between two people? Imagine the challenge of surviving changes among a whole group of them.

Back in the late 20th century, we had group of young dudes who were not afraid to take on any music genre because it always came out as dumbug anyway. In 1992, Tonar Lab in tandem with Siren Records of Doylestown, released the dumbug – en owen / sweet corn seven inch record on milky white vinyl. The band are Tom, Bob, Kurt and Tony. The record was recorded at home on six tracks.

Dumbug - En Owen / Sweet Corn 7" (Tonar Lab, 1992)
Dumbug – En Owen / Sweet Corn 7″ (Tonar Lab, 1992)

We here at Band of Thrones (BoT) have been around long enough to understand this phenomenon of change and the impact. So, we tend to mix things up every once and while.  Not necessarily big mix ups, but enough to excite the senses. We caught up with dumbug front man Tonar Presley and told him about the $1 “en owen” 7″ find. We got to ask him, “Did the band really know if the music sounded good?

“No way dude, we were too dumb, ugh. The fact that we thought it did is all that mattered.” explained Tonar. When he was told of the rare find and ridiculous price tag, he exclaimed, “ha, I’d have paid double that!”, continuing, “the reality is the work is a time capsule and this find provides a reminiscent glimpse into the separating past with a brief ‘we’re getting the band back together’ moment.”

What do say you to a reunion?

At this point, with all the people born since the time of the release, it would certainly be a new one for them, plus all the original people who never heard it in the first place, there could be real opportunity here. While emotions mature, other things mature too. We will see what we can muster up here in the 21st century.

Check out the a-side “en owen”, graciously posted by random content on YouTube.

Side A from Dumbug – En Owen / Sweet Corn 7″ (Tonar Lab, 1992)
En Owen
Gonna get away
Kiss it, hug me
Wait you will see
Wait you will see
I was kissed, by a wish
I was blessed at first glance
Could not think of any other
Just knew, just knew
Point and purpose
Ain't no turning back
Waited and I saw
Right place, right time
Waited and I saw
Gonna find away
Kiss it, hug me
Wait you will see

Check out the b-side ‘Sweet Corn”

Side B from Dumbug – En Owen / Sweet Corn 7″ (Tonar Lab, 1992)
Sweet Corn
Moonlit dark night
Click of step
Shades all in grey and black
Sweet Corn
I hope it don't come true
True to life for me and you
What if it did
That's no way to think of it
If you do you're screwed
Tied to the tube
Bright day sunshine
Steps are gone
Day's end shades are back

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