Similar to an occasional celestial event, David Fest is being resurrected after a three year hiatus. On a beautiful summer day in July of 2016, David Fest I commenced with the strangest cast of characters. We were able to gather 25 of the most eclectic personalities from the last 35 years to convene on a private performance by MeanMan of York in the Sea of Orange.

Stars are aligning again in 2019 for another private performance by MeanMan of York in the Sea of Orange. The gang has been crafting an exciting set of new and old tunes in modern day interpretation of raucous MMoY catalog.

Here is the working setlist for show. Plus Full Moon and the Gemini. See if you can guess where and when!

David Fest II setlist 2019
David Fest II setlist 2019 plus one additional

If You Like It
Farm Wars
Light Years Behind
Time Bomb
Beg Regeneration
Real Thing
Cool Kids
Mrs. Zhang
Mind Bender

+Full Moon and the Gemini

We are excited to announce we will have Sydney Shue opening up the show with her acoustic renditions of current classics.

David Fest II flyer
Wow! not to be missed!

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