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Exciting new front row footage of Wrath collaboration on cover of ‘Give Us Back the Eye’ emerged this week. Check out the action! Link to full video of show in article below.

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Billy pulled a great show together. Friday, August 10th, The Depot in York, PA proved to the best rock stage in South Central Pennsylvania.  The show attracted every rock dude in the county.  If you were not there, you are not a rock dude, except you Dave ;-).

Thousand Pound Destruction live at the Depot 2018

Thousand Pound Destruction rocking hard

Thousand Pound Destruction (TPD) dropped a half ton of heavy metal upon the unsuspecting crowd.  The band walked up and ripped through the set like a buzz saw with full-throttle thrash riffs and old school, hardcore vocals.  TPD were all business as they plowed full steam ahead with selections from their most recent release ‘Aftermath’ and their self-titled (S/T) debut. They even dropped two brand new tunes. What a great way to start the night!

MeanMan of York took to the stage as a force in uniform.  The trio kicked off the set with their classic rocker ‘Busted’ and never looked back. Powering through tracks from each of their three albums, pulling the crowd into the heavy waves.

View the show in full screen.

AJ, aka Produce, powered through the set like a beast on the drums. During the tune Mind Bender, the drums never had a chance. Nice stick save.

Truk delivered the goods with guitar sounds never before heard, ripping through leads and volleying harmonics like a maestro.

Truk rocking with MeanMan at the Depot 2018

Truk ripping leads for MeanMan

Tom thumping the bass for MeanMan live at the Depot

Tom bringing the bass

MeanMan vocals were in your face and in your space as Tom laid down the bottom end for the night. MeanMan left everything on the stage at The Depot on Friday.

The band debuted a brand new single Cool Kids taking the MeanMan sound to new levels.

The MeanMan gang wrapped up the set with Wrath of Typhon’s Jay and Alan joining the crew for a rocking cover of Wrath’s ‘Give Us Back the Eye’.

It was after midnight when The Mentors took the stage, telling like it is in the middle of the night through favorites Peeping Tom and Heterosexuals Have The Right To Rock. Heathan Scum entertained the crowd with his rock n roll stories from the road.  The Mentors ended the evening as many have at The Depot with Four F Club.

Good times were had by all.

Produce with Moosedick drummer for the Mentors

Produce and Don Nutz – The Italian Stallion drummers unite!

Check out this bitchin’ flyer and more from Thee Jim Cook of GNS Studio.

MeanMan of York live at The Depot with The Mentors and Thousand Pound Destruction

Live at The Depot, Friday, August 10

Check out the studio versions of the MeanMan of York setlist.

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